Ordinary Man, Extraordinary Results

Ordinary Man

With more than a decade of experience in network marketing,

Steve Thompson can spot a winner when he sees one: Ambit Energy.

In the world of network marketing, Steve Thompson has been there, done that. He’s traveled a winding journey through nutritional supplements, telecom, skincare and the travel industry—all while owning and operating his own insurance agency—and he’s finally found his home in Ambit Energy. “I always said that if somebody got into the energy business and did it right, they’d make billions,” Steve says. “I found that company. It’s Ambit.”

He’s witnessed the good, the bad and the ugly in the network marketing world, and he has the wisdom and the earnings to prove it. He says he’s just an ordinary guy, but he’s learned a lot along the way, and he’s worked hard for his extraordinary results.

Steve wasn’t looking for a change when his old friends introduced him to Ambit Energy. He was earning multiple six-figures in his insurance business, and multiple six-figures in his network marketing travel business. When his friends told him about this new energy company, he saw the potential, but he knew better than to join a company without doing his homework first.

Steve told his friends, “I’ve heard this same story before. Let me meet the people.” He was unshakable on his criteria for a good executive team: vast knowledge, deep experience, and most important, solid integrity. He spent a day with Ambit’s executives and got answers to all his many questions. Ambit Energy exceeded his requirements on all counts. Steve was in.

Extraordinary Goals

Steve admits that his short-term goals with Ambit Energy were “lofty,” but he needed to believe the potential was huge in order to justify a move from his other successful businesses. “If I was going to make a move, it was going to be because I had an opportunity for huge success. I’d already hit a lot of singles in the past. This time I was swinging for a home run.” Steve set his sights on having 2,500 consultants

and a $50,000-per-month income by the end of the first year.
“My colleagues thought it was crazy, and I guess it was, but I was ready,” Steve says. “The first six months of the year, both goals looked horribly difficult. But I stayed focused. Because of leverage and duplication, I had more than 5,000 in my organization at the end of the year.” Crazy, indeed.

Extraordinary Mentor

Steve sees his role now as a coach, helping new consultants achieve the same financial freedom he enjoys. “My proudest achievement in Ambit is that I’ve helped develop more executive consultants than anyone else in the company,” he says. “I got here on the shoulders of a lot of other people. Now I’m going to lift up as many people as I can.”

He teaches new consultants to take advantage of Ambit’s simple systems, telling them to put the proven system to work. “Ambit has a system that works hard so you don’t have to.” Once they know what they’re doing, Steve’s job is to teach them the fine art of duplication. “Don’t focus on building a fortune. Focus on building leaders, and those leaders will build you a fortune,” he says.

Extraordinary Future

Even with Steve’s incredible earnings to date, he says Ambit’s real potential is still on the horizon. “Right now is the best time to join Ambit. It’s still early—we’re only in three states right now. There’s still a lot of country left to go. The network marketing industry professionals all say that the best time to join a company is before it hits ‘momentum,’ and we haven’t hit that yet. We were at $324 million last year, but at momentum, it’ll be a $3 billion company easily.

“There’s no doubt about whether Ambit will work,” Steve concludes. “The only question is, will you?”