Ambit Energy Never Quit Steve Thompson
My name is Steve Thompson. I have been an entrepreneur since I was a small child. I was the neighborhood kid with the Bicycle Repair, Lawn Mower, Coaster Building Etc. Business. I was always looking for ways to earn my own way. It set me on a path to always be on the lookout for a good business venture. I took my first regular job at 15, working in a restaurant. I only lasted a few weeks and did not enjoy it. I found a job in a Gas Station (It was full service then) and I liked that better. . I had a passion for cars and motorcycles and found a way to get paid for it. I went from that to Car Dealerships and put myself through college working in an Auto Parts Store. I graduated with a BBA in less than three years. Not because I was so smart but because it was more efficient time management along with significant savings.

Even then, I was rebuilding and working on cars and motorcycles. I found a niche buying wrecked motorcycles, rebuilding them, giving them a paint job and selling then for a significant profit. A job alone was not enough for me. When I graduated I looked at a lot of things but again took a job in Automotive. I became an outside salesman calling on garages, body shops and dairy farms. From that I moved to working for a chain of Auto Supple Warehouse’s selling to Auto Parts Stores. While I enjoyed it, I somehow new that I needed a business of my own. While studying to become a Real Estate Agent, I discovered Insurance.

Although I was not excited about Insurance, I was intrigued by the Residual Income. The ability to make the sale once, and get paid over and over for it. Soon I was studying Insurance and applying to the what I saw as the best Agency System around. State Farm Insurance! In 1979, just after turning 24, I moved to Austin, Texas to open a Scratch Agency (To start without a book of business).

Although I went to college 30 miles south of Austin, I had no friends or relatives there. It was the quality of life I was looking for and I loved the Texas Hill Country!

From the beginning, I saw Insurance as a base business that would allow me to do other things as well. I focused on insurance for years. I served as a Volunteer Fireman, EMT and on the Travis County EMS Committee. I volunteered with other service organizations and spread my education and relationships. At 29 I was invited to join the board of a local bank and began another part of my life education. Soon I was saving on Marketing and Loan Committees and learning about many other’s business and trends. I was excited about the knowledge but knew it was not knowledge that was power, it was the application of that knowledge.

At age 30 I started an Entertainment Agency specializing in Artist Development and Management along with Production Management. I had been a musician as a teenager and found that now I spoke both business and music. I could work with the music I loved and make money while working toward greater things. I learned a great deal and dabbled with music management until just a few short years ago when my more profitable MLM Career really took off.

I first started Network Marketing as a very part time Herbalife Distributer. I was into health and fitness and was intrigued by Mark Hughes, the founder of Herbalife. The way he spoke about living your dreams and his passion for helping others made me want to learn to do the same. I knew nothing about it but began to study. After a couple of years I gave up Herbalife (Probably a big mistake but I was going through a divorce and my wife wanted the business. She did not realize the work in Network Marketing). I originally planned to start again but grew tired of the products, deliveries and having to always sell and deliver. There had to be a better way!

For the next 10 years I looked at almost everything that come along. Most of them were more products and usually overpriced. In 1996 I discovered Excel Communications. They sold Long Distance Service. It was a Service, not a Product. I was in! However, they were almost 8 years old and my timing was not so good. That year was their largest ever and I had very little to do with it. The owner frequently talked about someday selling Electricity and that kept us going. It was 10 times the long distance, but it did not happen with Excel. I stayed for 7 years and learned a lot. It took me years to get to a 6 figure annualized income but still I was hooked. The opening of Canada was very big for me and I learned a lot about new launches and working with other folks, cultures and climates. However, they sold it again and I did not feel good about the new owners so I quit. Sure enough, they were gone in no time.

After that I participated in the first year launch of a Skin Care Company despite my promise of never doing another product based company. I was intrigued with a start up. I learned a lot there. The most important thing I learned was to check the backing of the company very closely. Their investors quit putting in money and they begin to pull back. I was gone and a few months later they were too. A close friend brought me into the Travel Industry more for fun and a place to be. Soon I was doing well and when the Top Producers of that company decided to start their own, I went with them. We were friends and I knew they were Great Network Marketers. For the next year I had a blast with them and was a Top 20 Money earner in the country. I thought I would never leave. Then I was invited to come meet the owners of Ambit Energy and I had to look. What I saw changed my life.

I always knew that if anyone got in the Energy Business with Network Marketing and did it right, with the right Management Team, Compensation Plan and Tremendous Investor Strength, it would one of the Largest Success Stories in Business History. They were it, and I had to move. Within a month I had wrapped up my affairs at the other company in Travel and was totally focused on building an Ambit Energy Business.

With Ambit Energy, my dreams have come true. All of my skills, combined with hard work, a lot of nights on the road and some good timing has set me free financially. I have been in MLM for over 15 years. Some good companies and some not so good. But I had the street wisdom to recognize a winner, make a commitment and take massive action to get the job done. I never looked back. I made the decision once and this journey is taking me to new heights!

I wish only the same for you!

To Success,


PS: Over time I have worked in Automotive, Insurance, Music, Banking Real Estate, Boat Brokerage and Charter, the Horse Business and MLM Vitamins, Telecom, Skin Care, Travel and Energy. I love a challenge and love to learn new things. I get back up after frequent failures and learn something from each one. I have Failed My Way to the Top!